Insurance India

A standard motor insurance or better known as a car insurance policy is usually the insurance coverage mandated by law to drive on the road. Thus, it primarily covers you against liability damages and unexpected repairs. These liability damages can be of two types. First is when a bodily injury has been caused to a third person. Second is where the property of a third person and own car.

Types of Motor Insurance

Motor insurance is of 3 types 

Car Insurance

Car Insurance refers to coverage for an accidental loss or damage to own car or to a third party

Two Wheeler Insurance

Similar to a Car Insurance, two wheeler insurance also provides protection to cars and bikes. The features of a two wheeler policy are similar to those of a car insurance.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Commercial vehicle insurance helps all commercial vehicle drivers to reduce losses they might incur due to damage to their vehicle. It also gives them protection against any legal liability from accidental damage / injury / death. A commercial vehicle insurance covers both the doors carrying vehicle and the passenger. In a few cases insurers also cover the loss to the shipment being transported

Benefits & Features

A typical vehicle insurance policy covers damages to third party and to self car but the products by a few private insurers offer a large number of other utilities to the policyholders, like:

·          Direct settlement or cashless claims at network garages

·          Depreciation Cover

Engine Protection Cover

24X7 Road Side assistance

·         Towing Facility

Coverage under Car Insurance

Coverage‘s under a motor insurance policy can be classified under 2 broad categories Third Party Car Insurance and a comprehensive package policy.
In case of an accident if the vehicle covered under the policy accidentally injures or damages someone's property
 Third Party liability helps cover for any cover any legal liability resulting from accident of your vehicle. It includes death, injury or property damage. As per the Indian Motor Vehicles Act all car owners in India need to have third party liability

 Comprehensive Package Policy is a full package cover which provides protection against third party damage, damage to vehicle and a personal accident cover for the car driver and its occupants.

Car Insurance Claim Process

With large number of insurers entering the auto insurance industry the product designs have undergone revisions too. Many insurers today just like health insurance also offer Cashless Claim settlement at a host of garages across the country
All you have to do is to note the nearest garage and ask them for help from their on they directly coordinate with the insurer. In case the car is not fit to be driven these network of garages also ensure that your vehicle can be towed to them.